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a female reporter at mexico tv's azteca said she felt very uncomfortable and she was weang appropriate clothing. she appeared on the today show to tell her story. michelle franzen reports. >> she's a popular sports reporte from mexico's t tv azteca. she did not file a colaint, but on today she says she's glad the nfl has agreed to investigate. >> i preferred that the nfl make adjustments, buzz they havell the pieces together. >> it started at the jets practice saturday, where some players and coaches allegedly threw footballs in her direction. late in the locker room, the reporter said she was subjected by catalls by the player her twitter account said she was dying of embarrassment. a fellow reporter noticed the
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behavior, and the association of women in sports media learned of the allegations and asked the nfl to investigate. jets owner woody johnsp be has already called seines to apologize. >> they're takin it very serio seriously. >> we want to have an environment where everybody's comfortable. >> reporter: she's also come under fire, publicly accused of dressing provocatively. she respond posting this photo on twister about the outfit she wore to the jets practice saying it was not inappropriate. >> it doesn't matter whether she was wearing skin tight jeans or ee through lingerie, none of had a is licen to commit sexual harassment, period. >> reporter: she has no plans to change the way she dresses, she's calling upon the jets and nfl to make changes in the locker room. so the situation doesn't happen again. michelle franzen, news 4.
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washington running back clinton portis had a lot to say about women reporters on his radio show. players will turn and look and want to say sothing when they see a nice woman in the locker room. portis says that both sides have wandering eyes when in a locker room settg. an nfl spokesman said the league condemns portis' remarks. the team released portis's apology. he said, i was wrong to make the comments i did, and i apologiz i respect the job that all reporters do. it's a tough job, and we all have to work and act in a professional manner. i understand and support the team on these issues. we'll have more on this story coming up on news 4 at 5:00. there is breaking news this afternoon in paris. the eiffel tower has just been evacuated because of a threat. >> 25,000 people were in the area of the paris landmark. officers said an alert was sounded after a suspicious package was discovered. the people we understand evacuated calmly, we'll keep you
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up to date on this breaks news. it's decision day 2010. voters in washington are deciding whether mayor adrian ph fenney should have another chance to serve. some residents are worried their voices won't be heard on this election day. megan mcgrath explains why. >> reporter: in harris elementary, voters say they were turned away this rning. told that the voting machines weren't working. this man says he was told to leave his assigned polling place and go to another precinct. he spent the next two hours running back and forth between the tw locations trying to cast his ballot. >> i think it's a bunch of -- i will hang around for a while. >> reporter: similar problems at the 82nd precinct in northeast.
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dozens of voters were turned away because the electronic voting machine wasn't working, and because of questions about collecting paper ballots. >> it'seally a mess. and so, who learns whether the people who are here this morning are going to come back this afternoon or evening. 70 people in line have left already. you know, so, i mean -- >> you worried they're not coming bac >> yeah, i don't understand. you know, to me, this is a fiasco. >> vincent gray spent the morning visiting trouble spots. he and fenty are asking the board of elections to revie board of polling problems. >> every precinct we've been to thus far this morning has problems. even where i voted this morning, with a paper ballot. the scanner wasn't working and we had to drop the ballot into a bin. >> any time elections don't go smoothly, it's very worrisome.
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>> would you favor extending hours in places where people were turned away this morning? >> we would like to hear from the board of elections first. >> the executive director says that se of the problems can be attributed to human error, that poll workers didn't do certain things properly. election officials say they will looknto all the reports of irregularities. megan mcgrath news 4. >> polls will not extend hours. voting ends at 8:00 tonight. voters are also casting ballots in maryland today. the race for prince georges county executives is among the most closely watched contest tonight. is a five-way race to replace jack johnson whose term limit is up. county sheriff michael jacks, councilman sam dea state delegate levi are all vying fo positions. the race for maryland governor has been focused on a possible rematch between martin
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o'malley and former governor bobber lick. today the two faced members of their own party in the primary. ehrlich will face brian mifurph who's getting the support of sarah palin. we're monitoring every race in the area throughout the day. go to for live election results tonight as they come in. it should be a high turnout due to the weather we're having today. >> that's right, veronica. >> you surecan. lots of sunshine out there. temperatures were a little cooler than they were yesterday too. with the highs running in the low 80s today. here's a lok at what's going on across the area. laytonsville you guys at 79
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degrees. falls chuh at 79 too. alexandria right now at 81 degrees. and our wind today has been out of the north-northwest because ere's been a cold front that moved through. that was early this morning at 8:00 a.m. it's been a little breezy at times today. can you see a line of clou laid out right near where that weather front is. we start to lose some of the clouds as we go through the ernight. by the time we get to 7:00, we'll drop down to 75 degrees. 71 degrees by 9:00, and then 67 by 11:00 p.m. and look for a clear morning too. on your fast forecast, diminishing wind this evening. more 80s with sunshe coming our way. and then also, we're looking for some more rain, aren't we? we do need it for the year. we're down nearlyix inches in terms of rainfall. i'll tell y which areas need it more than others coming up. we'll talk about what's going on in the tropics, pretty busy.
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we have julia, igor and the potential for carl too in the caribbean. >> thank you. a woman battling serious injuries today after getting hit by a car in montgomery county. it happened this morning in forrest glenn at the corner of metropolitan avenue and edgewood road. polic tell us the impact of the ash forced theictim on to nearby train tracks. service was halted for hours. the driver remaine on the scene. >> charlie mast is behind the wheel in the news 4 traffic network. >> we're looking live at the american legion bridge where you can see lots of volume on the outer loop beltway. you'll see very slow goin on the outer loop. normally start to see that delay coming around heading into silver springs. southbound 95, we' look live at the springfield interchange. delays heading down to newington. it's the hov lane where the accident blocks the left lane.
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there's a brief delay in the interchange to get past it. once you do, you're in much better shape. >> thanks, charlie. president obama and democraticleaders won a round today in the battle over the economy. the president's small business bill is now speeding toward paage. but in this election year, congress is closelidy voided over what to do about the recession, and how to campaign for the midterm elections. today it all came down to a single vote. steve handlesman has the story. >> reporter: it was a vote to end a republican senate filibuster. george voinovich sided with democrats. a win for president obama, putting his $30 billion sll business bill on be track to pass. that means up to 300 billion in loans from community bankso barber shops and other small businesses nationwide. some get tax credits too. the recession cut into sales and
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banks cut off credit. >> what you're really looking at small businesses who are strapped for cash, that need some injection, some way thelp out. >> democrats hope voters give them political credit. >> main street, not wall street can begin to create the jobs we need to lead us out of this recession. >> conservatives disagree. >> now, you've got the tax increase that's coming up. that tax increase essentially wipes out the tax credit anyway. so we are exactly where we started. >> reporter: the income tax hike on the well off pushed by president obama would also hike rates on some small business. republicans are opposed. >> raising tax in this kind of economy, is a bad idea. >> reporter: and some democrats agree. >> it's pretty clear there's not a consensus on either party on exactly what to do. what that tells you is, this is not likely to be settled until after midterm elections. >> a vote sure to be about the recession and how to fixit. and a vote that could end the
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democrat's ability to win like they did today by getting a single republican to join them. steve handlesman, nbc news, capitol hill. when news 4 at 4:00 continues this afternoon, it could be a lot harder to buy cold and cough medicines over the counter because of robo tripping. if you're a parent you need to hear about this. an american is heang home after she's released from iranian custody of. new home video of the deadly explosion in california.
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in the future, you may need a prescription to buy common cough and cold edicine. it seems there's an alarming increase notice number of teenagers using cough medicines to get high. nbc's tom costello has more.
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>> friday night, and i just want to have some fun. >> they call it robo tripping, and youtube is filled with teenagers demmenen straighting how they get high with cold or cough medicines. it's called tripping on dex, or dxm. now, 8% all teenagers admit they've tried it. doctors say drinking a little too much cough syrup can make kids feel like they're drunk. but drinking one or more bottles or mixing it with alcohol can lead to brain damage, seizures or loss of consciousness. >> there's a belief in kids minds that this is completely safe. t as we know, you're opening yourself up to risk. >> i found out about abuse of dxm servep be years ago, i found out too late. i found out after my son had passed away from abusing this
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product. >> reporter: a california nurse found her 18-year-old son carl dead in hisbed after he oded on cough syrup and prescription drugs. nationwide, overdosing jumped 73% between 2004 and 2008 to nearly 8,000 cases. at children's hospital in boftp, dr. sharon levee seize half the kids being treated for substance abuse have also used dxm. >> we think use of the substance is associated with other mental health problems and can prepitate problems, including mood disorders, anety disorders, and even psychotic disorders in some cases. >> now, the fda is considering whether to require a prescription for cough suppress ts with dxm. products millions americans use every day. the cough syrup industry opposes that, ying these medicines are very safe.
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abuse is low, and the harm from abuse is rare. and it started a public campaign to warn of the dangers of abuse, using five moms to tell their stories of overdose. one of those moms is misty fedco. >> it's not what we were looking for. we were lookin for needles, powders, a lot othe illegal street drugs. >> that was tom costello reporting. experts say you should get suspicious if you find used cough syrup bottles in yo children's room. a new diet drug called lorcaserine. it's from arena pharmaceuticals. a government review conuded its weight loss benefit was minimal, and safety questions remain about its effects on the heart. tomorrow the fda will ask a panel of experts to asss the drug's safety.
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the fda is not required to follow the panel's advice but often does. if it were to be approved it would be the first new prescription diet pill to hit the market in about a dozen years. meanwhile, a new study suggests a common asthma drug may also help patients with ms. the drug is albuterol. it appeared to ennce the effects of another ms drug. ms patients who took both drugs for a year had fewer relapses of their disease. a popular ingredient in soft drinks may be getting a new name with a sweeter appeal. the makers of highructose corn syrup are asking federal regulators to approve the switch to corn sugar. that's the only way to clear up the confusion about their product. 58% of americans are concerned that high fructose corn syrup causes health risks such as obesity. when we come back at 4:00,
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driving in the district can be unbearable for some. what the city plans to do to fix traffic troubles. the hurrican that left its mark behind on a north carolina beach.
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hurricane earl is long gone, but officials are checking out the damage left in its wake. officials surveying bald head island off the coast of north carolina say some of the beaches eroded. they're trying to figure out if the damage is serious enough to seek federal aide. the storm stayed hundreds miles off the coast, but produced rough surf. the bald head island beach had just been restored this past summer. >> which is a greatlace to honeymoon, by the way. >> that's where you did,y the way. all eyes on igor, but lined up behind him. >> at least one more, there's one off to the east that could become carl, we'll talk more about that, the path or track right now, the late et with igor is that it probably will be a little more to the east of the track of where earl was.
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one thing, of course, the east coast doesn't need, especially the carolinas, is any more beach erosion. what i do think we're going to see this weekend, staing thursday down south and moving up the coast for friday and the weekend is rough surf ago dangerous ricurrents once again. let's head outside and see what's going on. weak cold front came through the area, this one dry, and we need the rain. out of marylan virginia and west virginia maryland, in fact, doing probably the best of all of them until you get to the western portion of the ste. right now, eastern portions of west virginia extremely dry with a third of the state of virginia looking at severely dry onditions around. down through the northern neck and off to the west for parts of the shenandoah. and on up into the north and eastern with west virginia. temperature is at 80 degrees. humidity at 40%. it's been a little bezy. that breeze, while blowing
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around the ragweed, because the count today is high. it's at 35 grains per cubic mer. it's a little higher than what averages for this time year. temperature will drop to 67 degrees by 11:00 p.m. those clouds we have out there no we'll lose the cloud. the wind diminishes when the sun sets. tomorrow, 61 degrees. that will be a litt lower than we were this morning. look athe rainfall in maryland, 8900th of an inch. affor 28/100 of an inch of rain. our next chance, late late thursday nig into friday. 90 degrees in raliegh, let's go ahead and talk about what's next for us. this front cooler air moves in. the next front agai not really coming our way, unti we get to friday, really. in the tropics, we've got three them. i'm going to back out of the way. you can see julia, igor and carl, and it's carl right now
4:25 pm
that will bring heavy rain to areas like belize and cancun and emerge into the gulf of mico this weekend. there's a look at igor, and we'll talk more about julia in a moment. he track keeps it off the coast, down to a category two by the end of the week and the weekend. this evening, 79 to 71 and skies turning clear, cool start for tomorrow, 55 to 59. and for tomoow, the high about 82 degrees. we'll be hanging out in the 80s for the rest of the workweek. warmest day coming up will probably be thursday with the rain moving in on friday, extended forecast, more of that coming up in a few. >> we'll see you then. thank monica. still to come at 00. there are new safety questions today following that deadly pipeline explosion in california. studen get an education lesson from the president.
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hello, and welcome back to news 4. >> here's what's happening right now at 4:30. voters in d.c. had trouble at the polls when they were voting in the primary race for mayor today. at some locations the scanning devoices weren't working properly. so the ballos will have to be scanned later, the race is between adrian fenty an councilman gray. the new york jets players may have sexually harassed a woman sports reporter. she s covering the team's practice over the weekend when players and coaches made inappropriate comments about her. the jets owner has apologized to seines. it's a story that has clinton portis apologizing. president obama and the
4:30 pm
democratic leaders won a round today. the president's plan to raise taxes on the wealthiest americans has both opposion and support from both parties. >> it was a mixed day for the markets. despite a strong report on august retail sales, the dow lost 18 points, the nasdaq gained 4. the s&p 500 flipped by a point. the gas line explosion in california is raising new questions about how safe underground natural gas pipelines are all over the countr the national traffic safety board says it pes the explosion will be a wakeup call about aging pipelines throughout the nation. miguel almaguer reports. >> reporter: investigators are looking at home video like thi >> the house next to mine is already on fire. >> reporter: spectacular new images of thursday's braft,hey
4:31 pm
hope they can determine the cause of a deadly gas line rupture. a 30-inch pipeline became a fireball spitti torch. just days after the inferno, state leaders called for congressional hearings, fearful this could happen anywhere in the coury. >> it's important for anyone who has gasoming into their homes to have the sense and assurance at the pipe that's near their home is safe. >> citics say pg&e neglected public safety by not replacing the 50-yeaold pipeline that ruptured sooner. these gas lines are definitely a ticking timebomb. >> but pg&e says their customers are safe, and they'll work to figure out why their line ruptured even after it was inspected twice in the last year. denying reports that neighbors called in about a gas leak. >> we have not found any in our records that would indicate that people called for that specific
4:32 pm
area. >> the company that owns the gas line says it wl provide up to $100 million to help families affected by the blast. four people were killed in the explosion. four others remainmissing. pat? jailed american hiker, sarah shourd is nearly free after a year in an iranian prison. she was released today after someone posted $500,000 bail with the iranian government. it's not clear who posted that bail. iran's english language tv network, showed a few seconds of video of her walking to the plane, then waiving from the window. the government run network also aired a short interview shot just before she was allowed to leave the country. >> i want to really offer my thanks to everyone in the world, all of the governments, all of the people that have been involved. and espially want to address president ahmadinejad and the
4:33 pm
iranian officials and thank them for this humanitarian gesture. >> shane bauernd josh fattal remain in priso in tehran. they were hiking near the unmarked border with iraq. the charges ar fab indicated u.s. officials say. eye rangian officials say they released showered on compassionate grounds. her. president obama to students around the country today their destiny is what think make of it. today he delivered the annual ck to school speech from philadelphia's mterman school. his speech was broadcast to stude students nationwide. he was trying to encourage drive and determination. >> so long as you're willing to dream big, work hard, stay focused on your education, there's not a single thing that any of you cannot accomplish. >> the president also announced
4:34 pm
his second commencement challenge to show how schools prepare students for college and a career. he will deliver the commencemt address at the wing school's graduation. there is more to come on news 4 at 4:00 this afternoon. danella fromthe morning show stops by to talk hollywood. who texts more, men or women? not even close we hear. veronica johnson tells us what the night holds.
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it's been a gorgeous day, veronica. >> it has. there was a cold front that moved through this morning. no rain from it, but no fanfare, nothing to get us cray over. getting a little crazy. take a look at this list. this is the 2010 atlantic hurricane list. we're quickly moving through this, folks on julia right now,
4:38 pm
we could have carl if this thing is named in the caribbean. you say what thing? take a look at this masse thunderstorms on through the caribbeanthere. that's what could bring very heavy rain to areas like belize, eventually cancun, and emerge out over the gulf of mexico this week andfor the weekend. that could become karl. meanwhile, we have igor as i talked about earlier. it could move dangerously close to better mrmuda on sunday. if you have family that le there you'll want to stay upded on that. and then we have julia, it's a storm for the fish, moving east of bermuda sometime on sunday. igor is going to give us nasty rip currents for the weekend. julia is our fifth hurricane of the season. temperatures outside right now, we're in the 70s, upper 770s throughout the area. it's going to be a cooler overnight for us. speaking of the night, take a lock at this from david abou from stafrd, virginia.
4:39 pm
the international space station streaked by last night. this is not an easy thing to catch. it's moving at about 16,000 miles per hour. in the background the constellation sagitarius. isn't that neat? tomorrow morning, 59 to 61 in town. low to mid-50s in the outlyng areas. quickly get your seven-day forecast. we have a little bit of rain that could hits friday. for the weekend, 70s, upper 70s for saturday, then low and mid-80s for sunday. sunshe, jim. >> all right, we like that. sounds like it. >> you know these cell phones take really good pictures. >> seven, eight pixels. >> some day we'll be able to do that. >> incredibly clear. >> all we need is aoom lens on it. when news 4 at 4:00 continues, a new version of one of the most popular video games hits store shelves.
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john mayer pulls the plug on his twitter account. find out what that's about. a !%
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one of the most eagerly anticipated video games of the year is now on sale. serious gamers lined up at midnight to buy halo reach. it's the latest incarnation microsoft's action video game. it first came out in 2001 and has generated about $2 billion in business. walmart stores are rolling outiscounts on their own brand of cell phones. >> walmart family mobil, it launching next week and will run t-mobil's network. people can buy into unlimited calling and texting for $45 a
4:44 pm
month. the plan dozen not require long term service contracts. here's a question for you. how many text messages do yo send every month? do you count? if you're a teenager, the number may be close to 3,000? >> incredible. the nilsson survey found the teenagers send about 2800 text messages every month. as for using cell phones for actual phones, women hold a clear advantage over men. women spend more than 14 hours a month on the phone. that's about 3.5 hours more than men. we have some catching up to do. >> i would say that probably held true on hardline phones too. >> we're not just gabbing, we have groceries to buy, kids to pick up, soccer games to get to. >> serious business. that's true. >> hdi and spencer getting back together? john mayer says so long to twitter. and george michael is headed to prison. danella joins us to dish the
4:45 pm
dirt on the entertainment world. good to see you again, it's tuesday as always. let's srt with george michael, the singer and thetrouble that he's been in, now he's got a jail sentence? >> we've been following this for a while, so back in july, he crashed his range rover into photo store in london. at that time he was charged and actually pled guilty to driving under the influence and possession of cannibus. the judge senteced him to eight weeks in jail, which i tnk is lucky. this is his second run-in with the law for driving under the influence. >> he has other stuff going on. years ago too. >> correct. we lk about this, with celebrities in jail, hoping they'll use the time, maybe the next step may be hiring a driver, and rehab. >> it's always the driver. they should be in business in hollywood -- >> if i lived in l.a. i would be
4:46 pm
a driver, people need rides. >> what's this about john mayer itting twitter? >> he has 3.7 million twitter followers. he was very active on twitter. so hispokesperson said he's now going to focus on his next album. he's going to stay connected with his blog. no twitter, how will we get our press releases? >> exactly. >> how will we live -- >> some ople say they pull off twitter and facebook,but they're right back on. it will be interesting to see how long he holds to it. >> interesting. >> heidi monday tag a spencer pratt made their fame from "the hills." pratt got detained at an airport. how is at going to get him back together with heidi? >> nothing says loving like being trashed together for 12 hours by foreignauthorities.
4:47 pm
he had a 45 millimeter and 9 millimeter gun on the way to the airport. that's how i like to carry my weapons. of course he was detained. heidi says, now the last thi from her mind is this divorce. so he's not trying to reconcile with her, he's spending time in a costa rican jungle trying to prove to her that he's more than just a fame seeking. he was living o the land. of course, he needed guns to hunt. that's what we do when we live off the land. authorities didn't like that. leave your guns at home, don't travel with them. ey may get back together. if you've seen them on i'm a celebrity get me out here, they are on again off again, drama, drama, i think they love it. that's their attraction to one another. >> you want to wager a bet here? >> yeah, they'll get back together. and then they'll break up again. i'll be back again talking about
4:48 pm
it. on and on and on and on and on. >> you need material, girl. >> yes. >> stay tuned. thanks so much. coming up on news 4, fish are flying at an embassy, we'll tell what you they're so upset about next. driving in and around the district is ranked the worst in the country. we're coming right back. think about the internet.
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we hav some breaking news now from the district. d.c. police tell us one of the two young women hit by a car in adams morgan last wednesday night has died. julia bochlitener was hit by driver on suspicion of drunk driver. both victims were students at john's hopkins.
4:52 pm
it was an angry protest in taiwan with fish. dozens ofrotesters gathered outside t de facto japanese embassy. they shouteded and hurled fish at the building. taiwan, china and japan all claim ownership of a disputed it chain of islands north taiwan. there are potential oil and gas reserves inhe area. the japanese coast guard has begun confronting activists and fishermen near the islands. still ahead at 4:00, a n survey finds that d.c. is the country's worst city when it comes to driving. we'll take a look into ♪
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call for details. the switch to chevy starts at
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d.c. has the nation's worst commute. craig melvin has a look at just what makes driving here so bad. >> driving around d.c. in a nutshell. >> scary, frustrating,
4:56 pm
time-consuming. >> the hatred is justified at least according to an all-state insurance study. d.c. was the worst in which to drive. what makes it so seems to be about the only thing on which we can agree. >> driving in d.c. is very hectic. >> pretty congested. >> route causes of the congestion depend on who you ask. a recent trip to the rthwest moved one man. >> what was most interesting in portland, at 5:30, looking up and down the street and seeing almost no cars. we haveto get rid of some of the cars. >> reporter: to do it, gabe klein has a plan. part it, more of these. it's going to be free for the first 30 minutes and very low cost after that. >> reporter: the city is about to launch a new bike sharing program. >> i love it, because it's very dangerous, doors swinging open,
4:57 pm
cars running a red light. >> not everyone thinks they're so great. >> it sure seems like they've declared a war on motorists. >> reporter: and their general could very well be lon anderson. he believes some of the city's plans to help the new bike lanes actually hurt. >> what you do to cars and all the buses that use pennsylvania avenue, is you cause instant gridlock. >> reporter: to maximize impact, he would rather see d.c. focused on these. >> i think single optimization would help a lot. >>if a car pulls up, it will flip the signal as long as there's no other cars in the opposing corridor coming. >> reporter: d.c. recently installed this system at 11th and o's street northwest. the sheer cost means we won't see it for years. more bikes, more signage to help
4:58 pm
guide those out of town drivers navigate streets in those confusing circles. those well intentioned efforts have been overshadowed by something the city has done. >> it increased fines by double. in over 71 difrent instances, they jacked up the parking 2, 3 dollars an hour. >> reporter: if you can find a spot fp. >> there is no parking. there are no free parking spa s spaces. they put up meters as fast as can you brink. >> there's nobody that likes to pay for parking. but times change. >> that'ses into 4 at 4:00. news 4 at 5:00 starts right now. it's primary day in seven states and the nation's capitol
4:59 pm
as voters cas their votes. we're tracking problems from problems here in the district and close races in maryland. a tea party conservative in delaware. tonight's results will set the stage for november. it is decision day. hello, everybody. >> the pol will be closing in three hours. news 4 has u covered with live team coverage of the key races in 2010. tom sherwood and craig melvin are following the races. we have reports from some of the polng places. john? >> reporter: the d.c. board of elections unveiled new equipment at the polling stations. when the polls opened at 7:00 this morning, there were problems at many of them, in fact this one he behind me in southeast, as well as another in northeast, turned away voters this morning. the problem had a been fixed, but tonight fenty and gray supporters are worried some of

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